The Word “MERAKI” has its origins from the Greek word representing the concept of being passionate in whatever one decides to undertake. The word is coincidentally also the base word used in the Malay language to name the peacock or “merak”, the colourful strutting and elegant fashion icon of the avian world.

The MERAKI brand is made up of MERAKI Custom which is for made-to-measure and atelier designs, and MERAKI RTW, for stylish and affordable seasonal looks. MERAKI aims to further develop its RTW line, under the brand MERAKI Melon, to further tap into the contemporary wear market, locally and abroad. MERAKI Melon is a casual ready-to-wear line that seeks to optimise wearability and versatility in structured design, with a chic finish.

MERAKI’s focus is on quality modern and wearable contemporary wear, for stylish women looking for chic quality apparel that can be worn from day to night. With MERAKI’s commitment towards quality and design, the brand is set to work towards carving a name for itself in the market.

MERAKI collection is available via e-commerce, social media, MERAKI showroom and Malaysia’s renowned online stores which are Zalora, Modestove (London), Puremodus (London), and The Modest Edit (London).

Besides online, MERAKI is available at multilabel concept store throughout Malaysia via Modvier, Bangsar; Gondola.31, Ipoh and Sabumbung, Johor Bahru. Not forgotten, we also have leverage our stocks in Metrojaya The Curve and Mid Valley. The label has also penetrated Brunei market by appointing a sole distributor in Bandar Seri Begawan named Bajoo.


Established in 2017, Malaysian brand MERAKI is an up and coming modest wear fashion house, the result of the deep interest of founder, Liz Razali, has in quality and chic yet wearable and functional apparel for women. With the founder’s passion for quality and wearable fashion, MERAKI is the embodiment of “Where passion in fashion, meets comfort and elegance”.

Apart from a passion for fashion and comfortable elegance, Liz noted the global demand for contemporary wear that has wide appeal, hence the direction MERAKI has ultimately moved towards.

An engineer by profession, Liz’s sense of aesthetics was greatly influenced by the stylish functionality of American fashion and innate elegance of the Japanese, hence her love for structured, stylish yet functional and versatile looks.

As a corporate consultant who runs her own consulting business, she understands all too well the busy lifestyle of modern women, and the need for comfortable yet stylish and versatile quality outfits that can take one from day to night. A fascination with architecture and fashion further honed her appreciation of structured design, which she weaves into the MERAKI stable of brands.

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